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armed.... but the resident wa east the burglar certainly looked like he was apped, bullpen the resident was armed for real. the east bacon frontation that turned deadly. >> drama in the skies as boeings dream liner runs into more problems. the next stop, san jose. >> and the planet just experienced the warmest year on record. how that's changing life along the california coast. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. a burglar picked the wrong home to break into. the man inside that apartment was waiting for him with a gun. this happened on leeland lane. cbs 5 recorder christin ayers on how one of them was
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eventually stabbed to death. >> reporter: it began as a break in at this pittsburgh apartment and ended in bloodshed. >> i saw there was probably like 5, 6, 7 police officers there and they were taking a body out of there on a gunny. >> reporter: neighbors say it's rare to hear about burglaries at this complex. the man who lived here heard something strange at his door. >> the resident who was home alone heard what he describes as someone manipulating the front doorknob. >> reporter: the suspected burglar, a 54-year-old convicted criminal was carrying a fake gun. he probably never expected to run into a resident armed with a real gun. >> he retrieves a loaded firearm. by the time he makes it back to the front door he is confronted by the suspect who is now inside of his house. >> reporter: authorities say a struggle followed during which both men lost their guns.
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the homeowner scrambled for a knife. >> fatally stabbed the suspect in the neck. >> reporter: a killing that has shaken this small apartment community. >> this has been a safe area. but this is the first time that's happened since i've been here. >> reporter: people who live here say the fact the resident was armed and the intruder killed doesn't make them feel safer. >> i hear crime is spiraling out of control. >> reporter: the home remains taped off tonight and police are still on scene. they are questioning two other people who they say may also have been involved in that burglary. live in pittsburgh, christin ayers. >> one broke into a bay area museum and made off with a fortune. it happened in less that a minute. the thief stole an historic gold box while the human was closed. the box is reportedly worth
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more than $800,000. the museum tells us the burglar knew exactly what he or she was after. and it's the second time in two months the museum has been burglarized. both times items were stolen from one particular gallery. >> the u.s. coast guard says it warned the bar pilot moments before his tanker grazed the bay bridge. the man who was guiding that ship is no stranger to maritime mishaps. >> we continue to look for pollutions and there is none. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard continues to lead the investigation into what's been described as a scrape between an oil tangier and the bay bridge. there are many possibilities. >> we're looking at the vessel itself. we'll consider the weather. we'll look at the gps.
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>> reporter: and they're talking to the bar pilot who is a very experienced navigator who has had a few previous scrapes. >> they were all minor incidents. briefly brushed the bank. could happen to any river pilot. >> reporter: the first incident he was piloting a 560-foot bulk carrier and crushed against the bank. the state found no pilot error. two days later he was guiding a ship into the port of stockton. it appears an underwater portion of the bow made contact with an underwater portion of a wooden pylon. then on may 26, 2010, on a ship going into the richmond inner harbor. a try knee was doing the work when a tug boat hit bottom and scraped some paint off. >> i don't think you can go
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through a career without having some interaction with the bottom or other vessels. >> reporter: captain met with coast guard officials today. he's been placed on administrative leave with may pending the outcome of this investigation. >> boeing has invest more than $30 million developing its 787 dream liner. for the second time 787s have been grounded for safety problems. kiet do is at the airport where the dream liner is set to make a regular appearance. >> reporter: the 787 has been called the next generation plane of the future and also an embarrassment to boeing. either way it'll be in san jose. so far it has not. a good week for the 787. 40-gallons of fuel spilled as a dream liner was about to take off. the plane was towed back to the
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gate. yesterday another 787 also from japan airlines had smoke spewing from the cabin after messages got off in boston. one month ago a united 787 made an emergency landing in new orleans after one in six generators failed. >> there are some things that are discovered during the real world of operational airline flying. >> reporter: boeing and the airlines must show they're working hard to find the causes to the problems in order to rynatan public confidence. >> we have to make sure the system continues to work. that's what's going to keep aviation safe and getting safer. >> reporter: the airport is decked out with air wave banners in preparation for its inaugural nonstop flight. five flights a week will help pay for the airport upgrade.
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one of the most comfortable, quiet, fuel efficient and ecofriendly planes in the air. so it has been heavily marketing the dream liner and is using it to draw fliers to the south bay. >> i think it's great for the market. it'll fit san jose very well. i think we'll find out if we fill it up with people. >> reporter: so the only place you can get on to the 787 in the bay area is right here in san jose. the first flight gets in from tokyo at 10:00 a.m. on friday. >> should a toyota prius have roar? that could happen. the national highway traffic safety administration is so concerned about hybrid and electric vehicles not being
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loud enough, they've promossed a rule. the government safety agency believes new minimum noise regulations could prevent up to almost 3000 injuries. >> for the continental united states, 2012 was the hottest year on record. the average temperature was 55.3 degrees. that broke the old record by 1 full degree. last year was also nearly a record breaking year for natural disaster. like it the drought conditions from north dakota to texas. a texas rice farmer. >> we've been in business since 1947. i've never seen anything like this. i've never seen a point where we didn't have water, enough to plant rice. >> in some areas rainfall is more than 16 inches below normal. and it's not just what we
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experience on land. the effects are stretching out to sea. >> reporter: with an old lighthouse at its tip, point rays california juts 10 miles into the pacific ocean. gray whales, elephant seals, and humans. >> we came out to see the whales and elephant seals. >> i like their big noses and when they move. >> reporter: the beach is just one of a handful of places on the california coast where elephant seals spent time on shore. what's special about this place? >> the elephant seals come here to mate and also to give birth. >> reporter: climate change may have an impact on this population boom. rising sea levels could
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threaten the creature that spends most of its life at sea. by 2050 a 1 to 2-foot sea level rise could endanger about half the elephant seal habitat here. the gray whales that swim right past on their annual migration may already be showing physical signs of climate change. studying the whales for 30 years. >> they can be used as a species for giving us an idea of what's going on with climate change in the arctic. >> reporter: researchers tracking whales from the air are spotting some that appear underfed. changing ice patterns in the arctic may be keeping them out. >> a few whales we've seen their shoulder blades sticking out. you're not supposed to be seeing shoulder blades and ribs on a whale. >> reporter: what's going on below the surface may be more important than what's happening
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above. >> crazy and crazier. >> another amazing sight on the northern california coast. the effects of time. the pictures that capture the end of a bay area landmark. >> nobody came. nobody bothered to come. >> you wait for the repair or delivery man and nobody shows. how you can get paid for that wasted time. >> why did this author decide to make a grand entrance to his bay area book signing? ,,,,,,,,,,
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marketing it's new online classes. but so far only one
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the university of california has spent more than $4 million marketing its new online classes. so far only one student has taken a class. the university began offering 14 digital courses one year ago. unlike the uc, stanford and harvard offered online courses for free, uc officials say the fact that their courses allow students to interact, more students should be signing up. >> charging clients who fail to show up for appointments. but what about when you get stuck waiting around for a repair or delivery person who doesn't show up? cbs 5 consumer watch reporter explains your time could be worth some money as well. >> reporter: she's called comcast so many times recently, she even has a name for the
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hold music. >> the horsy. >> reporter: her internet service went down the day after christmas. she says she couldn't reach a service representative for four days. >> the first thing you hear is they have a high volume of calls. >> reporter: he set up a service apartment to switch out her modem the following monday, but nobody showed up. >> nobody even bothered to call me. >> reporter: an expensive hassle for the single mom who took the morning off work to wait. now comcast has a customer service guarantee which promises customers a $20 credit if a service person is late or doesn't show. california law allows customers to collect up to $600 in damages. provided the company had 25 or more employees. >> this puts the pressure on
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the companies to live up to their commitments. >> reporter: law professor says companies are allowed to change plans, but they're supposed to inform the customer first. >> the customer isn't available, there isn't any liability. >> reporter: but she says she's done wasting time. she'd have to sue comcast in small claims court and prove how much the no show actually cost her. she says that's simply not worth it. she just wants her internet. >> no response whatsoever. >> reporter: we're happy to report she finally has internet. we contacted comcast, the company sent out a repairman the next day. comcast also gave her a credit of about $70 and an apology. remember, if you need help with a consumer problem, give us a call. >> yesterday we told you about the end of a bay area national landmark. or natural landmark.
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tonight we can show you how it happened. a geology student captured these images of the collapse. the famous arc came crashing down last month. >> reporter: they say earth's geology is a study of time and pressure. and that was put on display 10 days ago when the familiar arch came crashing down. >> when i saw it i was like, what? >> reporter: lindsay grew up with the arch. >> the arch was just part -- we would just sit there and look at it in awe. >> reporter: robert wills is a geology student at cal tech. he began snapping pictures when the rocks started to fall. >> each picture looked crazier and crazier. whole hillside collapsed and
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had rocks the size of maybe a small car, more like a piano size rock. >> reporter: wills had come to watch the stormy conditions. he doesn't think the high waves caused the collapse. >> probably just moisture that had been seeping into the rocks from the last storm that went through and it gradually, eventually the arch just fell apart. >> reporter: tourists to the area say it's not quite the same now. >> i went down there to see the hole and there's no arch. >> all i could think of, what else is going to crumble? >> this is just part of my, you know, part of my heart. but things go on. >> reporter: the forces that created the natural treasure have now reclaimed it. but they leave behind the reminder that we must appreciate nature's beauty when we find is because no earthly thing lasts forever. >> the extremes that some
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people will go to to sell a book. linda yee watched a risk taking author go for it. but she says it's really all part of a story. >> reporter: this isn't even jamal's craziest adventure. jumping into the bay with water temperatures in the 50 plus degree range and dodging freighters during the swim. >> it was neat to be out there. >> reporter: all of this child play. surfing mavericks was worse. strapped with a camera around his neck, he is doing the chilly evening swim to sell a book. the fear project. >> it's not about risking your life. it's just about expanding your comfort zone. >> i think this has got to be the craziest defying stunt there is. >> certainly my fear project of 2013. >> reporter: but he made it with the help of ultra swimmer they swam from treasure island
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to san francisco in just over an hour. you conquered your fears now? >> it felt great. all the stuff on land that i still have to worry about. >> reporter: like the hundred or so people who jammed in to hear him read and sign his work. he side he suffers more anxiety from social situations like this. seems fear has a lot of company and he hopes that translates into book sales. in san francisco, linda yee. >> speaking of cold, these are the coldest temperatures we've had so far this winter. likely beating these temperatures over the next couple of days. live look outside. your forecast is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thanks, paul. we've been talking about how it's been pretty chilly. but it's going to get colder. >> we'll go from chilly to chillier over the next couple days. he's the 6-10 day outlook here. all signs are saying we have a
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bullseye on the western half of the country for cold air. including the bay area. likely through mid january we're trending colder. tonight, chilly but not that cold yet. oakland mid40s. radar is clear. we're talking about the air that's not that cold yet. all of that changes tomorrow. big dip in the jet stream. just kind of carving out part of the pacific ocean. we get the clouds tomorrow morning. get showers tomorrow evening. then we get a cold front behind that. rain is not really the big deal. the cold will be. it'll be cold on thursday. highs for many of you in the 40s. lows will be in the 20s away from the water. san francisco may be under a freeze warning in the city coming up friday morning with temperatures down near 32 degrees. showers move in late tomorrow. the snow level, not much out
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there. here's your pinpoint forecast. mid50s tomorrow. san francisco, 54. livingmore, 55. pittsburgh, 55. also a pair of fives for pleasantton. your extended forecast. look at thursday. 50 near the bay. 40 inland. that's the high. friday still chilly. over the weekend we get back to the low to mid50s. it will be a cold three or four days starting tomorrow night. more chillier. >> much more chillier. >> a lot more chillier. >> 48 inland. >> for a high on thursday. it's going to be cold. >> nothing chilly about what was going on in berkeley tonight. a huge showdown. and a raiders linebacker is
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arrested. you might have heard this story before. once, twice, three times. we're next. ,,,, look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download.
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winning streak on the line r stanford who faced a cal te ranked wayne star an 80 game conference winning streak on the line for stanford which faced a cal team that was ranked seventh in the country. start the clock. off to their best start in program history. shot touches the entire rim before it goes in. bears had a three-point lead at the half. not ready for the streak to end. tough layup to give stanford the lead. the hook in the lane to give them a lead. stanford win. sacred heart.
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>> that is the bruce mahoney. >> excellent sports knowledge there. how many points did you score? nobody cares. sacred heart loses 56-46. mcclain arrested after giving police a false name following a traffic stop in alabama. alabama beat notre dame badly last night. there was more interest in quarterback aj mccarron's girlfriend, katherine webb. >> and her boyfriend won the game. >> and her boyfriend won the game. he's a national champion. >> how much better does it get than that? >> it doesn't get any better. not with somebody who looks like that. >> probably not. >> it can only go down from
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here. >> good point. >> that does it for eyewitness news at 10. see you at 11. ,, ,, to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history?

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